Luxury Suite

Lodging for Dogs

Applewood Pet Resort has recently been remodeled with your dog in mind. All our rooms are comfortably climate controlled, spacious, and clean. We aim to keep your pet entertained all day long with indoor and outdoor play areas, a dazzling pool with fountains, and special treats to enjoy. We also have additional services including a grooming salon and an animal hospital next door to round out your dog’s unforgettable resort experience.

Room Information & Pricing

At Applewood Pet Resort, we offer a variety of rooms to ensure that you can find a room that best fits your dog’s lifestyle and personality. It’s important to us that your pet doesn’t gain any bad potty habits during his stay, so all our guests are taken outside to go potty twice a day and we offer a variety of options for additional exercise and potty breaks depending on your dog’s normal routine.

Our rooms are designed with your dog’s well-being in mind. All the indoor rooms and suites in the Resort are built off the ground and have drains built under each room to expedite easy cleaning for your pet’s comfort. We use vet-recommended Kydex flooring to relieve pressure on your dog’s joints and pads and rooms are divided with walls as opposed to traditional fencing for your pet’s privacy. Instead, our guests enjoy socializing with other guests across the aisle and enjoy the soft natural lighting, skylights, and piped in music in the rooms.

The Applewood and Presidential Suites were built to reflect your home for your dog’s ultimate comfort. With four walls, a traditional door, and a doggie door leading to a fenced patio and turf yard, your dog may forget he’s not at home!

Standard Rooms

Our standard rooms are offered in three convenient sizes to accommodate any dog from the smallest teacup Yorkie to a family of Labradors. For your pets comfort we can put beds or blankets in their room at your request. The part of the building where these rooms are located has piped in music and sky lights that make for a relaxing stay.

All standard rooms include two potty breaks.  Additional playtimes and potty breaks are always available.
**Additional dogs sharing the same room $35 per night


Our suites are offered in three convenient sizes to accommodate dogs from the smallest teacup Yorkie to a family of Great Danes. All suites are located in quieter areas of the resort that feature sky lights and are finely decorated.  Each individual suite comes comfortably furnished with raised bedding and also features a flat-screen television tuned to Dog TV.

All suites include two potty breaks and one Pet&Play every day.  Additional playtimes and potty breaks are always available.
**Additional dogs sharing the same suite $50 per night

Indoor/Outdoor Suites

Located in the quiet west wing, these beautiful suites are designed for your dog’s privacy and comfort. Built like a small room you might find in your own home and available in two sizes, they feature carpeting, raised bedding, and a flat-screen TV.  But what makes these suites really special is the adjacent fenced in patio and turf yard, accessible through a convenient doggy door.  These indoor/outdoor suites are the ultimate home-away-from-home for your dog.

All suites include two potty breaks and one Pet&Play every day. Additional playtimes and potty breaks are always available.
**Additional dogs sharing the same suite $50 per night


In addition to comfortable accommodations, we want your dog exercised and entertained during their stay. We offer over an acre of outdoor play yards and a dazzling doggie pool complete with water jets and gurgling geysers as well as specially prepared treats for your dog to enjoy. Be sure to add these on to give your dog the full resort experience!

Click here for more information on all the variety of options.

Vaccination Requirements

At Applewood Pet Resort, every precaution is taken to avoid sickness and out-breaks among our guests. To maintain that commitment to your dog’s health, we require the following vaccinations (certified by your veterinarian) to be able to check in:

  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

This means your dog needs to be at least 16 weeks (4 months) old to board with us as this is the typical age in which dogs receive their last round of puppy shots and are considered fully vaccinated.

Special note: As of March 2017, we strongly recommend the leptospirosis (lepto) vaccination, though we are not requiring it, please check with your veterinarian on their recommendations.


Is your dog due for his next grooming appointment? Schedule him for a groom or a bath while he’s staying with us and we’ll send you home with a glowing, happy, and clean pup!

For more information on our groomers and services check out our Grooming page.


For dogs on special diets (puppy, weight control, allergies, etc.) we welcome you to bring in your own food and feeding instructions. Otherwise we offer our resort food at no extra charge. All meals are hand prepared by our loving staff and served using our own stainless steel bowls. We typically feed two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, but we are happy to follow your regular home feeding schedule if that includes lunch or a late-night snack. We also encourage you to bring in your dog’s favorite treats, but please leave all treats containing rawhide at home.

For more information about why we don’t accept rawhide click here.

Medication & Supplements

The highly trained and experienced staff at Applewood Pet Resort is prepared to help your dog with any special medical requirements he may have. We’re fully equipped to give any medication (including insulin) and any supplements that might be a part of your dog’s daily routine. Our vigilant staff is here 24/7 to watch over your dog as if he were our own, and he is; each dog that stays with us becomes a part of the Applewood Family.

Also, with our Animal Hospital conveniently located right next door, it’s easy to schedule an exam, vaccinations, laser treatments, teeth cleaning, or surgery to take place during your pet’s stay at the resort and you can relax, knowing that your dog is going to be well looked after during his recovery. Just call our hospital to set up the appointment and tell them when your pet will be staying with us.

Feel free to discuss details and ask questions about your medical concerns while making your reservation or at check-in.

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