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Our expert stylists will have your pooch (and cats) strutting out of Applewood’s salon with confidence and style! We feature a convenient full-service grooming salon on the premises, so our guests can always go home fresh and clean. Specializing in cat grooming, all breed dog grooming, all breed bathing and brushing, even hand stripping, our stylists have the knowledge and expertise to give your pet a perfect groom!

Meet Our Stylists

Our stylists have over 70 years of experience combined!

Johan15 years
Johan has been in the professional grooming industry for 18 years, and counting! Johan was trained by some of the most important and well-known people in the industry and has been offering high quality hand scissoring and creativity at Applewood his whole professional career. Johan is experienced and comfortable with any temperament and any breed. He specializes in grooming breeds such as bichon frise, coton de tour, yorkshire terriers, pomeranians, and  shih tzus. Johan handles all of his animals with extraordinary care and patience. Over the years, Johan has groomed thousands of animals, including cats, rabbits, and horses. 
Julia13 years
Julia has been in the grooming industry for 17 years, working at Applewood for 13 years. She has groomed dogs in Paraguay, Texas, and Arizona. Julia started grooming for the love of dogs. She is extremely gentle to animals, her compassion and sensitivity to their needs is admirable. She specializes in pedicures for your pup, with custom nail designs, as well as handmade bows and bandanas for after your groom! Her precise hand scissoring shows in each and every groom. Julia grooms all breeds of dogs however she specializes in doodles, poodles, bichons, pomeranians, and all spaniels. Other interests include home improvement and design!
Lowaunz17 years
Lowaunz has been in the grooming industry her whole life, growing up, her mother owned several grooming business. Lowaunz began her own grooming career 33 years ago and has worked in Washington D.C., London, and France and the last 17 here at Applewood.  Along with her skills in hand scissoring, creative designs and show grooms, Lowaunz specializes in skin and coat restoration, aromatherapy, hot oil, mud baths, and soothing sore muscle treatments.  Lowaunz grooms all breeds and specializes in poodles, doodles, yorkies, morkies, cavalier king charles spaniel, and portuguese water dogs.  Her passion for animals far exceeds grooming, she has experience in calming and training, as well as professional pet photography.
Lety3 years
Lety started her grooming profession while working at Applewood. Lety has always loved working with animals, however three years ago she decided to hone her bathing techniques and become a groomer. Lety now has hands-on experience with both cats and dogs and knows how to properly work with aggressive or shy animals. Lety specializes in scissoring and trimming techniques. Some breeds she specializes in are pomeranians, doodles, goldens, maltese, and shih tzus, as well as all cats!  Her attitude towards animals is admirable, she treats each one as if they were her own. During her spare time, you can find Lety working with rescued animals!
Timo4 years
Timoteo has been working at Applewood for 17 years. He started as a member of the back staff where he worked one on one with dogs for over a decade and found his passion for grooming through bathing dogs. He started his professional career as a groomer four years ago. Today, he does amazing work with all breeds but specializes in terriers, utilizing hand stripping, shaving, and hand scissoring techniques. Timo has been handling dogs with care and compassion for almost a decade. His love for Terriers goes far beyond grooming, as he is very knowledgeable about their various temperaments and breeds.

Provide your pet with a significantly healthier and more comfortable way of life with consistent and proper grooming. Make an appointment with us and enjoy the difference!

Pamper Your Pet at Applewood!

Expert grooming; exceptional service. I found my experience at Applewood to exceed my expectations. I would recommend this beautiful facility to everyone!

~Sandra L

Applewood is not only one of the top dog grooming facilities in the city, it has some of the best groomers in the NATION working there. The owner was once a top dog handler and groomer…. he is now a well-recognized judge in the AKC. Best of all, the staff LOVE dogs. There is no better facility for dogs anywhere in AZ.

~Sara B

This place is the Rolls Royce of Dog Grooming! The grounds are impeccably maintained and when you drive into the covered entryway you are greeted by a smiling, amicable dog handler who assists you in removing your Fur Baby from your car. Before you even enter the doors there is a Silver bowl of bottled waters on ice at your disposal (Great touch by the way!!! ). The front desk is very skilled in handling all personality types.  (I have personally seen them diffuse difficult situations with ease.) My dogs are always handled with care and lots of TLC by the talented groomers…

~Linda C ,

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