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Meet Dr Elizabeth Drummond

Elizabeth Drummond, DVM

Dr. Drummond has been with Applewood Animal Hospital almost from the beginning, working here part-time starting in 2014, then moved up to full-time in 2017.  Born in St. Louis she grew up in Arizona and graduated from ASU with a degree in kinesiology before graduating from the Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2013.  What little time off she gets is spent attempting to train her French Bulldogs Elmer Frankenbean and Wilbur, along with Jackson, the only sensible dog in her house.  She also enjoys SCUBA, traveling, working out, hiking and chocolate.  Not necessarily in that order.

Dr Crouch and newborn pups

Kirsten Crouch, DVM

An Arizona native, Dr. Crouch’s love of animals was evident early on.  She grew up surrounded by goats, sheep, horses, mules, chickens, dogs and cats, and as a teen volunteered for Arizona Game and Fish as well as Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  So getting a degree in Biological Sciences from ASU and then in 2016 graduating from Ross University Veterinary School of Veterinary Medicine (having done a clinical year at) Colorado State University.  She also competed two internships in South Africa and multiple externships in Hawaii, California, Colorado and Arizona.  Dr. Crouch and her husband Greg share their home with Tonka, a German Shepherd mix and Kaeto, a senior kitty, and are excited to be expecting a real human daughter this fall!

Katie Chiles, DVM

Bio Coming Soon!

Joanne Prellberg
Practice Manager/Canine Reproduction Consultant

Joanne started showing dogs as a mere child and has been involved in breeding and competing in dog sports (conformation, obedience, draft, agility, tracking and dock-diving) for over forty years, the last 30 years with Bernese Mountain Dogs. She earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, and has lived in the Valley for over 20 years, working in the veterinary field during most of that time.  She is in the process of getting approved by the American Kennel Club to be a dog show judge. Joanne presently shares her house with Segen the Greeter and Kansas, the Junior Greeter, and understands that they are much more popular than she will ever be.


If you’re ever in the hospital and hear someone speaking rapid-fire Spanish in the back, smile and know that there is a happy pet being cared for!  Alicia, who was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, has a way of talking to the animals that helps even the most anxious feel soothed.  Alicia graduated with a degree in veterinary medicine from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and was a licensed veterinarian in Spain before moving to Arizona in 1989.  She worked for 23 years as a veterinary oncology nurse at a specialty hospital before joining the Applewood team, and how lucky we are to have her here!  Alicia is an avid birder and hiker (she completed the famed Camino de Santiago [The Way] trail) and loves to knit, travel and read.  She hopes to visit the Galapagos Islands some day but until then enjoys working “surrounded by the best coworkers one can dream of…and the best patients!”


Heather once played blackjack with a mob boss in Atlantic City…and that’s not even the most interesting part of her resume!  A native Arizonan, she grew up in Tucson and moved to the Valley in 2002.  She has worked in the veterinary field for 25 years, (and has worked with Joanne at five different hospitals!) including three years working in emergency medicine. Heather’s house is run by Gordon the Chihuahua, Nita the kitty and Myrt the Turt, the Red Eared Slider Turtle.  Her goal is to travel “as much as I can before I can’t anymore”, especially to attend Phish concerts.

Melissa (Mel)

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Bio coming soon!


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Bio coming soon!


Ohio born and raised; Nicole has lived in Arizona for ten years.  She has a BS in conservation from Kent State University and is also a graduate of the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician program.  Nicole has worked in veterinary medicine for 18 years and her own pets include Peyton, a ten-year old Dachshund, 9er, an 11-year old Maine Coon mix and Makenna, a two-year old Bulldog, all of whom are as sweet as can be.  Among her many positive work attributes, one we rely on almost every day is her ability to calmly and safely handle aggressive animals.   Her hobbies are almost too numerous to mention but include cosplay, crochet, pastel & art sketching, exercising, staying current in vet medicine, hiking, cocktails, spiritual things and more.  Nicole is addicted to her Happy Planner and, to quote her, “I think that’s good.” ?


Though she is the newest member of our Applewood team, Kaylee has fit in so well it feels like she’s always been here!  Born and raised in Tucson, she worked in animal hospitals there until she recently moved to the Valley with her fiancé, a sushi chef. It’s all about connections: one of the doctors Kaylee worked with in Tucson went to vet school with Dr. Drummond! Born on St. Patrick’s Day, blessed with freckles, red hair and green eyes, Kaylee’s free time is spent with her Australian Shepherd Bowser (aka Wiggle Butt) and Catahoula Leopard Dog Ganondorf (aka Big Head) and she enjoys spending time on the water and acrylic painting.


It’s Debbie’s smiling face you’ll usually see behind the front desk – well, Debbie’s and the Berners!  Originally from Indiana, Debbie earned a BS in business from Ball State University and attended Anthem College’s Veterinary Technology program.  She and her husband Matt have an adorable Maltese named Agnes, a newly rescued pup named Daphne and a tortoise shell kitty named June. She loves sushi, wine and fitness, in fact she has worked as an online fitness coach. Debbie is not just friendly to pets and people, she’s also super-efficient and helps keep the hospital running smoothly.  Her obsession with office supplies (specifically Post-It notes) works in her – and our! – favor.  And Debbie’s claim to fame: she was on the Bozo show!


Natasha is at the front desk just two days a week but she makes those days run so much more smooth!  A native Arizonan, Natasha attended Kaplan College and has worked in the veterinary field for 13 years. When asked her interests she replied “ROLL TIDE!” and “GO TEXANS!”, which seems a bit quirky for an Arizona native, but there you go.  Natasha has two Cane Corsos and two Maltese and is active in dog sports including conformation, obedience, dock diving and lure coursing.  She also has a kitty named Binx.  Natasha loves working at Applewood because she works with “some of the most caring, compassionate and knowledgeable people in the veterinary business”.  Thanks, we love having you here, Natasha!